Lunch with Michael Martin at Yomitan-son Soba Shop
Wednesday - March 8, 2017

Michael B. Martin, our friend who lives in Yomitan, in a development that used to be known
as Morgan Manor, met us at the Torii Station gate and we followed him over to the Yomitan-son
Soba House restaurant for lunch. I had been there with Michael on previous trips and knew that
we were in for a very good treat. This would be DyLon's first time at this place. Itadakimasu!

When I last saw Michael, back in 2015, he had bought himself a new van and told me that he had been
having nothing but trouble with it. This year he showed up in yet another new car - one with which he
was much happier. He and DyLon were introduced and then it was time to go in and get some good eats!

DyLon placed his SJCam and caught a bit of our before-we-eat action. Michael, always a generous
soul, brought some beautiful "coffee table" style books of Okinawa culture for DyLon and me. An es-
pecially nice book was a small tome that I had looked for before, written in English language, that is
a compilation of many articles of culture, customs, myths, cuisine, dress, etc. that were made into a
book. We poured over the menu, made our selections and waited for the good stuff to arrive at our table!

Michael had something planned for after lunch - our next stop: Murasaki Mura! That's a terrific little attraction
out on the southwest coast of the Yomitan Peninsula that was the movie set of a Japanese TV Mini-series - one
that to my lasting dismay is not available on DVD. It's entitled Ryukyu no Kaze (Winds of the Ryukyus).

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