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    UPDATE! I've finally updated the Mailbag with some recent e-mail correspondence from readers. Some are asking for help - and maybe you have answers.
    Looking for Okinawa photos in early 1950s.
    NAF NAHA airbase in VU-5B
    418th MMS
    ...would like to hear from NCOIC Milo VanCamp
    Looking for Hiroko Ikehara.
    ...information about my dad, Carlton W. Crough from New York. Mailbag, Page 8 - Go check it out!

    I'm by no means an expert on Okinawa! I am though, by all means, an avid Okinawaphile. I want you to enjoy your visit to this website! What I've strived to present in these pages are some memories of a few of the best years of my life and some representations of those memories. Like so many great things in the world, my affection for the people of the old Ryukyuan Kingdom is something that I simply must share.
    So, with that, please kick back and spend some time on this website! When you've got a good sense of how well I have or haven't done with this site please cast your vote.
    Lastly, please let me know what you'd hoped to find on the site but couldn't! Your feedback matters! [e-mail me]
    Mata ne...
    S. A. Mick McClary

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