In the course of re-tooling the website I have been eliminating a bunch of the old 1990s-vintage
coding and especially focusing on the Scrapbook which was admittedly a mess. I want to retain the
images from "the old days" though and in doing so have created this "Legacy Series". I can't bring
myself to throw away those old photos so I think this is the best way to keep 'em in storage! I have
included the commentary that I provided on the original pages verbatim. Those comments reflect my
understanding of what the photos represented at that time. In time my entire website will be a legacy!

In addition to the photos that I've salvaged from the Scrapbook the Legacy Series will include my old
home movies (Super-8 in the 1970s) and 3rd generation copies of VHS and 8mm video from the '80s-1990.

Koza City Zoo

Yaka Beach & further north

Nakagusuku and Machinato

1975 May
Machinato & Koza Part 1

1975 May
Koza - Part 2

Crocodile Park in Koza & Cane Press

Underwater Observatory & Black Market Alley

1970s and '80s
Some Family Photos

dates indeterminate
Downtown in southern Okinawa

dates indeterminate
People (random photos)

dates indeterminate
More Random Scenes

1986, Autumn
C.A.T.L.S. training

1986 December
A Day on the Streets of Nago

1986 December
Exploring Awase

1986 or '87
Up on the Roof

1987 or '88
Hands Around Kadena demostration

circa 1987
Nakamura House

1987 Feb 15
Koza and Gate 2 Street

Summer 1987
Nakijin-jo outing

1987 Summer (May or June)
Southeast Botanical Gardens

1987 August 29-30
Typhoon Dinah

Yomitan Matsuri - (unedited)

School's out in aza Oki

1987 September 6 & 8
Obon in aza-Oki

1987 September 8
Obon in aza-Oki, Part 2

Late 1980s
Bolo Point lighthouse

1987 October 20
Minor Surgery Day at the Kadena Clinic

1987 November 15
Special Olympics Matsuri, Koza

Tommy China and Chuo Park Avenue

Eisa at Koza Stadium in 1988

1988, May 14
Anti U.S. military demonstration

1988, Sep 17
Japanese Naval Underground Headquarters

1988, Sep 17
Mabuni Hill Peace Memorial

1988 June 4
Toriifest - festival at Torii Beach

1989 October 10
Expo '75 Park Dolphins and Aquarium
Expo '75 Park roller coaster and other rides

1988 Oct 15
Kadena Firefighters Parade

1988 - maybe '89
Chinen Peninsula

1989, various times


Equine Wood Carving at Big 1

Odds & Ends

1989 Summer
Heartland USA playing Torii Beach

SR-71 "Habu" at Kadena AB

1989 Sep-Oct
Faces of Okinawa

1989 November 5
Taiwan Dragon Dance (Shishi-mai)

1989 November 5
Miss Hibiscus Contest @ Okinawa Matsuri

1989 November 5
Okinawa Sumo @ Okinawa Matsuri

1989 November 5
Ryukyu Music and Folk Dancing

Naha Harii


1990 January 15
Cobra vs. Mongoose fight

1990 February 11
Konkokyo with DyLon and Zac

1990 February 19
Ie Shima with Zac - Ernie Pyle and Niyathiya Gama

1990 March

1990 May 5
Naha Harii "Dragon Boat" Races

1990 May 15
Paying Road Taxes at Foster Field House
and ride back to Stearly Heights on Kadena

1990 June
Koza Yaki pottery factory

Tug of War in Koza

1990 August 4
Nishihara Race Track

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