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Some things about the way Okinawans lived long ago and even today
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MUSIC Uniquely Okinawan, the traveled ear can easily distinguish that which derives from Uchina. Beautiful to hear wafting from the heart of villages all across the ken. Listen!

What about the Poo?
Ogimi: Village of Longevity
Okinawa Soba
"Achoo !" Kusukwee
Protective Charms
The art of hand tattoos
Okinawan Family Names
LANGUAGE - some helpful words and phrases

Some Uchinaaguchi is included too. Meanwhile, this is a good resource for some of the old Okinawan language. Intro to Uchinaaguchi.

Are the Ryukyuan Languages distinctly separate languages or are they "dialects" of Japanese? That question has been bandied about for a long time. Here's an opinion worth reading: “Wanne Uchinanchu – I am Okinawan.”
Japan, the US and Okinawa’s Endangered Languages
Patrick Heinrich and Fija Bairon

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Higashi-Onna Museum
or, what used to be. It's gone now (2018)

My Visit to that Museum in 2015

Urumaichi Tateishikawa History & Folklore Museum

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