Bunagaya is a peace-loving little woodland spirit who thrives on living simply amid Okinawa's nature. You might encounter one in the woods around the village of Ogimi.

If you are fortunate enough to meet Bunagaya you should approach quietly as they are frightened by loud sounds such as thunder. Bunagaya will never hurt you and can find the best in your character. Beware however that they can also read your mind! So, if you approach one with malice or with intent to profit from the encounter they will quickly disappear.

  • The entire body is red, and small in size like a child’s.
  • They have long flowing red hair.
  • They can shoot out red flames, and jump around like a fire.
  • They can be seen in the mountains, rivers, and atop trees.
  • They are skilled at fishing, and eat fish and crabs (they only eat the eyes of fish).
  • They like to wrestle in Sumo style.
  • They may assist people by carrying firewood, etc., but will not enter the village.
  • They are friendly to people, and will not hurt people of their own accord.
  • They can be driven away through prayer.

    How to become friends with a Bunagaya

    A basic aspect of the Bunagaya is the fact that they like the mountains, rivers, oceans, trees, land, wind, water, and animals.
    The Bunagaya are part of nature itself, and so are afraid of thunder, storms, and other loud noises, so make sure not to make any loud noises yourself.
    The Bunagaya have hearts as pure as can be, and so you must not play mean pranks on them or use them for personal gain (they will disappear immediately if you try to).
    The Bunagaya can intuitively read people’s minds, and because they have kind hearts, it is important to approach them with an innocent mind.
    The Bunagaya do not act domineeringly or put on a fierce guise, and are not particularly strong, but if you happen to meet one, you should show them a smile, or if you can, stretch out your hand for a handshake. There is no reason to feel bad for them. Doing this will allow you to become friends with them.
    Once you become friends with the Bunagaya, you should get rid of any impure thoughts of malice, personal gain, trickery, and violence to enjoy truly fruitful and pure thinking. If you do so, the Bunagaya will not run away from you.
    It is also fun to enjoy fishing with the Bunagaya, who are skilled at fishing. In addition, they might give you the fish they’ve caught to please you, so it’s also nice to enjoy a meal with them from time to time.

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