Okinawa Prefecture, Japan's southwesternmost prefecture, consists of 50 inhabited and 110 uninhabited islands scattered over an area 1,000 km from east to west and 400km from north to south.
The islands are divided into three major groups:
the Okinawa island group, the Miyako island group and the
Yaeyama island group.Okinawa island is by far the largest,
followed by Iriomote island , Ishigaki island and Miyako island.

Map of Okinawa

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Amazingly detailed geological survey maps (1951)
reprinted in 1957
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Okinawa Island
Another Okinawa Map - 1970
A view from the Challenger space shuttle
Military Installations on island
Military Instal. and Off-Limits Areas - 1947
Administrative Divisions of Okinawa - 1949
Administrative Divisions of Okinawa - 1990
Another large detailed map of Okinawa
Aerial Photo of Okinawa
2003 Interactive map of Okinawa
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Today's Okinawa Weather Reports
Okinawa Prefecture
Makiminato (Machinato) Housing maps
Panoramic Video of Hanari, Tokashiki Island
Taketomi Island
Iriomote Island
Kadena Circle & Morgan Manor

updated: March 8, 2020