Austere Early Days
US Navy Welcome Brochure
for new personnel, 1952

Manneng Corporation Housing on Okinawa

"You in Japan" - 1957

Okinawa Videos
Me in Japan 1972-1990

VIDEO: The 6th Marine Division on Okinawa (1945)

VIDEO: Bulletin of the Okinawa Operation MOB-56 (1945)

VIDEO: Attack in the Pacific (1944)

VIDEO: Vietnam War home movie of Subic Bay, Philippines re-supply trip, 1966-67 (1966)

More Military History Videos

VIDEOS from Okinawa Prefectural Archives

Okinawa / Vietnam War / Japan


  • Commander Fleet Activities Okinawa

  • Kadena Air Base Alumni

  • Torii Station

  • Naval Hospital Okinawa

  • Marine Corps Air Station Futenma

  • Kadena Passenger Terminal

  • Shogun Inn
    Kadena Lodging

  • MCB Camp Butler

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    Kadena Proud - "ZZ" Samurai!

    Map of U.S. Military Installations on Okinawa
    High-resolution aerial photos of Kadena Air Base in 1977
    Okinawa Bases named after Medal of Honor Warriors
    Info about U.S. Bases - source: Okinawa Prefecture official website
    Major Military Installations on Okinawa [MSWord doc]

    Discussion about Military Bases on Okinawa
    Kadena Air Base chronological history

    Typhoon of Steel from gena hamamoto on Vimeo.

    B-52 Crash at Kadena, November 1968

    U.S. Naval Hospital, Okinawa
    Torii Station

    Major General James L. Day
    Medal of Honor

    "...That same afternoon four B-29s from the 19th Bomb Group out of Kadena
    Air Force Base on Okinawa hit roads and railroads just north of Seoul..."

    "Mac" McElroy
    Mission over Japan
    First-hand account of Airplane #13, Doolittle Raid, April 1942
    [MS Word doc]
    Universal Newsreel

    In the pre-TV era, people saw the news every week in their neighborhood movie theaters. Newsreels were shown before every feature film and in dedicated newsreel theaters located in large cities. Universal Newsreel, produced from 1929 to 1967, was released twice a week. Each issue contained six or seven short stories, usually one to two minutes in length, covering world events, politics, sports, fashion, and whatever else might entertain the movie audience. These newsreels offer a fascinating and unique view of an era when motion pictures defined our culture and were a primary source of visual news reporting.

    Post War History of Japan

    A Brief History of the Battle for Okinawa
    from the 6th Marine Division official website

    Battle of Okinawa Museum
    a page from; includes video of Half Moon Hill and Hacksaw Ridge

    Fun Facts of US Marine Corps on Okinawa, 1950-1964

    Ernie Pyle: Typewriter in a Foxhole
    mp3 audio file - Biographies in Sound (50:10)

    Marine Corps Community Services

    Department of Defense Dependent Schools on Okinawa

    Kadena High School
    Serving DoD dependent students in Okinawa Japan since 1981

    Kadena High School Alumni Site

    Kubasaki High School Alumni InfoCenter

    Kubasaki Webring HQ

    Okinawa Videos

    BATTLE SCARS: Okinawa and the Vietnam War

    The Wall
    Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall Page

    A Facebook Group now

    AFRTS Homepage

    Jim Grogan goes back, 27 years later!
    Here's his story

    OKINAWA: Half a Century of
    American Military Bases & the Okinawan People
    Tetsuo Maeda, Military journalist, Mar 5, 1995

    Repatriation of Okinawans, 1946

    US Army Military Government Repatriation Report, 1 July 1946 to 31 Dec 1946 (page 1)
    US Army Military Government Repatriation Report, 1 July 1946 to 31 Dec 1946 (page 2)
    Thanks to Donn Cuson @ for this report.

    Overseas Repatriation Movements
    Thanks to The US Army Center of Military History for this chapter.

    Imperial Japanese Navy

    S.A. Mick McClary, Great Falls, MT
    Updated: 9-5-2012