Shurijo Burns Again
October 31, 2019

Ryukyu Shimpo

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Asahi Shimbun (Mainland)

Yomiuri Shimbun
Yomiuri Shimbun (Mainland)

English version

Japan Times Online

Japan Update
"Serving Okinawa for 10 years"
This is a great site for Americans on island to get
information about what's happenin' on Okinawa!!
Intended primarily for American military,
DoD civilians and families.

English language

On Facebook - daily news of Okinawa

International current-affairs magazine for the Asia-Pacific region
Japan’s Persistent “Ameriphobia” (May 18, 2012)
The Resurgence of the U.S.- Japan Relationship (Aug 13, 2012)
Radio Australia Pacific Beat

Asia Unbound (Blog)

The Kadena Shogun
I know... it's not called The Shogun anymore, but I'm old and still think of the base paper as the Shogun.

The weekly base paper for Kadena Air Base

Big Circle is an authorized publication of the United States Marine Corps.
It is published to inform Okinawan community leaders, educators and concerned
organizations and persons about U.S. Marine Corps activities on Okinawa and in the region.

S.A. Mick McClary - Great Falls, MT