Hai-Sai Oji-san
Shima Uta
Tinsagu-nu Hana
Sanshin-no Hana
Shimanchu-no Takara
Okinawa Folk Music
Hiroshi Molishima, 83, Kimi Motomura,83, Toshi Nagata,79
10 yr old Sings
Tinsagu-nu Hana
Panflute Susumu Otsuka, Accordion Waka Shibasaki
Basho Fu
Performed by Rimi Natsukawa
Asadoya Yunta
A traditional Okinawa Minyou song
by Koji Mori
Warabi gami
Koja Misako & Natsukawa Rimi
Imi Shijiku
Performed by Ayano Uema
FM Uruma

"Melody Road" - plays Futami Jouwa

There's a stretch of Rte 331 up north that has grooves in the road which, if traveling at 40 kph, make your tires play this minyo. It's a song that was written right after the war by a couple who had to leave their home in Itoman and migrated to the north as the battle raged.

Listen carefully...

by Yasukatsu Oshima


by Yasukatsu Oshima

Mashunku Bushi
by Yasukatsu Oshima

Thirteenth Moon

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Historical basis for some
of Okinawa's folk songs.

Yonaguni Island folk song
There used to be a public official sent from the dynasty SHURI, and a woman from Yonaguni served him as his wife while he stayed in YONAGUNI. The song represents how sad she was when the official had to go back to SHURI. (Source: www.big.or.jp)

Hatoma Island folk song
HATOMA nakamuri is the name of the highest hill in small island Hatoma. The view from the hill is so beautiful, and the song is all about it. (Source: www.big.or.jp)
Hatoma Island folk song
HATOMA NO MINATO means 'the port of HATOMA'. The harvest festival is held every year in Hatoma, and many people visits the island for the festival. People sing this song at the port when they see off the people who are leaving the island. (Source: www.big.or.jp)
Kohama Island folk song
KOHAMA is the island of only 16.6 km in circumference. The song praises its fertile soil that produces a bumper crops. (Source: www.big.or.jp)
Hateruma Island folk song
YORUAMI means night rain. The rice plants and millets used to be grown in large parts of HATERUMA Island , but the island always had a problem with dry weather. The song represents people's strong wish for rain. (Source: www.big.or.jp)
Iriomote Island folk song
Long time ago, some people were forced to settle down in the Uehara area in Iriomote and for that had to part from their family and friends. The song is said to be made by an official to encourage those settlers. (Source: www.big.or.jp)
Iriomote Island folk song
BASHIMA means 'our islands' in Okinawa dialect. Chidori Narai is originally from Iriomote, and now vigorously plays in the mainland Okinawa. She said this song shows how much she loves her hometown Iriomote. (Source: www.big.or.jp)
The composition of the words of this song was very much influenced by that of Japan, which is very rare among Yaeyama folk songs. The KUROSHIMA KUDUCHI introduces interesting customs of KUROSHIMA, and it is one of the famous songs for Yaeyama folk dance. Instead of the classical version with samisen, this selection is arranged with synthesizer by MORIO. (Source: www.big.or.jp)
The song was introduced in NHK TV program " Atarashii Okinawa no Uta" (New Okinawan Songs). (Source: www.big.or.jp)
Classical Taketomi folk song
ASATOYA KUYAMA is the name of woman used to lived in Taketomi. She was so beautiful and was asked to marry by a government official, but she rejected. The song praises her courage, and in other words, it shows the people's antipathy against officials. (Source: www.big.or.jp)

A Dozen Nuchibana tunes on YouTube.

Hole Hole Bushi
Song of Japanese Immigrants in Hawaii
The Okinawan Sanshin
Okinawa's Cafe
Relaxing instrumental mood music.

Recording of Bon Adori in my village of Aza Oki in 1987
Approx. 22 minute recording I made that night in my village.
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Ayano Uema, from Uruma City, Okinawa.
Official Website at http://columbia.jp/uemaayano/

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