Okinawa's Industry
updated: April 10, 2023

Kariyushi Wear
Specifications for qualifying as Kariyushi Wear include provisions that the material used in their production must be manufactured on Okinawa, and the pattern must promote Okinawa tourism.

Traditional Japanese men's underwear

Koza Yaki Pottery factory (video)

Gala Aoiumi Glass Factory
Try your hand at the art of glass blowing and making glass bead accessories!

Onna Glass Factory
One of my favorite glass blowing artisans is here.

Yomitan Glass and Pottery Factory

Ryukyu Lacquerware

California Orange Company, Inc.

Trains of Okinawa
1902 through present day Yui Rail

There are several theories on the origins of the word awamori itself. "Awa" means foam and "mori" can mean to rise up.

The Tsukazan Box
a True Story of Modern Civil Engineering vs. the Ancient Gods of Okinawa.

Trade Goods
Items brought back by Commodore Perry in 1854 - (Not all produced by Okinawans)

System of cooperative commerce in Okinawa Prefecture

the ancient art of weaving banana fiber into a fine fabric

"Fake" Food models
Those plastic food dishes you see in the restaurant window

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