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(formerly Contemporary Okinawa), by John Purves
This is an absolutely "must read" document for anyone who has a true desire
to understand what happened to the people of Okinawa after the war and who
further wants to know the state of affairs on the island today!
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Repatriation of Okinawans, 1946

US Army Military Government Repatriation Report, 1 July 1946 to 31 Dec 1946 (page 1)
US Army Military Government Repatriation Report, 1 July 1946 to 31 Dec 1946 (page 2)
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Overseas Repatriation Movements
Thanks to The US Army Center of Military History for this chapter.

The negotiating process around ‘homeland level
status’ reversion between Japan and Okinawa
by Hiroshi Komatsu - Dec 15, 2017
posted 9-9-2018

Twenty-five Years Later!
Weekly Times Okinawa
Saturday,May 17,1997
Vol.8 No.14 Saturday Evening Edition

A Newsletter on Ryukyuan/Okinawan Studies, No. 36, Spring, 1997
The Ota Testimony: Okinawa's Declaration of Independence?
OKINAWA: Half a Century of
American Military Bases & the Okinawan People
Tetsuo Maeda, Military journalist
Confronting Home-Grown Contradictions:
Reflections on Okinawa’s ‘Forty Years Since Reversion"

Arakawa Akira
Kurayoshi Takara
The East Asian Political Situation Always has Defined Okinawa's Situation

Community, Resistance and Sustainability in an Okinawan Village: Yomitan
Miyume TANJI
added: 8-22-10

Futenma-Henoko Action Network
FHAN is an international network founded for the joint purposes of closing Futenma Air Station, a US base perilously located in the middle of Ginowan City, Okinawa (pop. 91,363) and preventing the destruction of Okinawa’s cherished Henoko Bay to make way for a new US military air base. The network was founded by teachers, students and others working in the educational field, though we welcome support from all quarters, within Okinawa, Japan, the United States and worldwide.
Our network emerged in response to two critical developments: The crash of a US military helicopter from Futenma into an adjacent university campus on August 13, 2004, and the Japan Defense Agency’s construction of drilling platforms in Henoko Bay later the same year.

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U.S. Military Base Issues on Okinawa
Okinawa Prefectural Government, Sept 2011 (.pdf)
Suspended in Time:
Okinawa's Continuing Struggle

Reiko Teshiba (2002)
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U.S. Military Bases on Okinawa

Doctoral Dissertation by ZULUETA, Johanna O. (pdf download)
March 23, 2011
Okinawans Deserve Better
Japan Times Online editorial
Tuesday, May 15, 2012
40 Years After Reversion

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Japanese Historical Reconciliation Should Begin at Home with Okinawa
by Somei Kobayashi - June 28, 2013
added 6-30-2013
Okinawa's Future Will Be Decided by Okinawa
(The Ryukyu Shimpo - Sept 19, 2015)

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