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Awamori-kan Co. Ltd.

A little off-topic for Okinawa but contains some interesting accounts of his times at Naha in 1950,
and some photo essays of his return to Okinawa in the 1990s.

Okinawa News & Events

Ghosts of Okinawa
  • Ryukyu Islands Paranormal
  • 10 Most Haunted Islands

    "Hitchcock's Okinawa Pages" is a dead link. Please let me know if there is a new URL for that site.

    Mick's Okinawa Scrapbook
    S.A. Mick McClary

    Tour Okinawa DVDs

    A good resource for finding out what activities are happening each month

    Okinawa travel, culture, links and more

    Darren Murphy's blog - tribute to Okinawa


    Okinawa Prefecture Homepage

    Terrific collection of photos of Old Ryukyu Kingdom!

    Ray Gillespie's Okinawa
    I received this e-mail message June 25, 2000:
    "This is to be the last communication from eoh22 (Ray Gillespie).
    His battle with cancer was terminated today when his creator invoked
    executive privilege releasing him from all worldly debts and obligations
    allowing him to pass to a higher level where I'm sure he waits for us all,
    and it's with a heavy heart he bids all farewell and best wishes."

    My prayers are with this American Hero

    The Ryukyu Philatelic Specialist Society, LLC

    Ryukyu America Historical Research Society
    The society`s original purpose is to find and retrieve Okinawa`s cultural artifacts taken off the island in the confusion of the war and the postwar period.

    The Samurai Archives - Pre-20th Century Japan
    One of our favorite places to shop on island!

    Stamps by George Baxley

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