My 2023 trip back to Okinawa was destined, by my own design, to be different from all previous visits.
The original plan was to go in 2020 but then along came the pandemic and everyone's plans went to Hell in a hand-basket.

This trip was going to be more laid back and had to be home-based on an outlying island. Fewer planned tourist stops. Fewer crowds. Less hubbub.
Most important, spend more time in my chosen village and get to know more neighbors than I had previously done. And that plan really paid off!
I started out with a desire to stay out on Hamahiga Island (in 2020) but I had to cancel the rental and decided that for 2023 it would be Henza.

Agari nu Utaki, Katsurenhama on Hamahiga Island
Amawari Park, Live performance - Katsuren-jo
Ayahashi Elementary & Middle School
Bise, Okinawa - the Fukugi Forest
Busena Underwater Observatory
DMM Kariyushi Aquarium in Tomigusuku
Drive from Henza out to Ikei Island
Fukugi Forest in Bise
Hamahiga Island, Agari nu Utaki
Heshikiya Takino - Sataya (sugar cane factory) and Nurugaa
Hige-san's food truck at Tobaru Beach
Hiramiya Seawall Art Competition, Henza Island
Itsukuma Beach on Ikei Island
Janeh / Janay Cave on Yabuchi Island
Kafu Banta on Miyagi Island
Katsuren's Amawari Park
Katsurenhenna Beach
Miyagi Island, random tour of this and that
Lantern Festival at Murasaki Mura
Murasaki Mura Lantern Matsuri
Nagahama Caves and Beach
Nagusuku Udun on Miyagi Island
Nakandakari at Namihira and Nagahama
Nakijin Village Museum
Nuchima-su Salt Factory power spots on Miyagi Island
Renga House, getting settled in
Renga House reminiscing
Royal Gardens of Shikina-en
Sam's By the Sea, lunch with Toshie
Sangwachaa, fishermen's festival
Shikina-en, Royal Gardens in Maaji, Naha
Shuri Castle restoration progress
Stops along Route 10 on Henza and Miyagi Islands
Tobaru Beach on Miyagi Island - Hige's Hawaiian food truck
Underwater Observatory at Busena
Walk Okinawa - Hama Village on Hamahiga Island
Walk Okinawa - Henza to Hamahiga, over the Hamahiga Bridge, Route 238
Walk Okinawa - Yonashirohenza
Walk Okinawa - Yonashirohenza in the Morning
Windshield Tour: Yonashirohenza to Naha
Yabuchi Island (aka "Cat Island")
Yonashirohenza, Renga House reminiscing

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