Miyagi Island Okinawa Potpourri

March 22, 2023

Hige’s food truck at Tree Terrace was closed the other day when I stopped and took a buncha photos of the facility and beach.
I stopped today when I saw the truck was open for business. Hige-san told me that Hige is his nickname. People just started calling him that
because of his handlebar mustache. Hige is the Japanese word for mustache. I ordered the Happy Set for ¥1,000 and it was plenty for a
single meal. Featured was brightly orange-dyed sticky rice, shredded seasoned pork, a small chicken drumstick, thinly sliced and wonderfully
spiced braised beef, two medium-sized pan-fried shrimp, and a very nice Cole slaw. It’s really too bad that aroma cannot be sensed by
watching a video or viewing photos. He prepared my order “from scratch.” He got the fires going on his burners and had three skillets and a
deep fryer going, so I knew danged well that I was getting fresh food. Oh, and the aroma… did I mention how good it smelled?

Stopped at the red light mounted on a stand in the middle of the road by a road crew and waited not more than 1-2 minutes for the blue light
then proceeded on my way farther out Route 10. I was looking for things that had piqued my interest during that March 16th initial first
drive-through to JA Resort on Ikei.

I went in search of something a few days ago and, not what I was expecting found myself in a small hamlet in the mountains.
I didn’t hang around that day but I did park today, got out and explored. Took a bunch of photos while meandering through the
narrow roads of the village – which I later figured out was Uehara.

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