Many of my visitors have suggested that I should include a little something about myself so that you, the reader, can get a bit of an idea who it is bringing you this website. Thinking that to be a reasonable request, let me tell you a bit about the creator of

To begin, I suppose it's appropriate to talk about my experiences on Okinawa. Back in 1972, while serving in the Air Force at a base in Montana, I received orders to report for duty at a clinic on Kadena Air Base, Okinawa, Japan. Having a vague idea of the location of Okinawa - somewhere out there in the Pacific Ocean - I ran for a map. I wasn't expecting any delightment. That would change in short order.

You see, I had been married in August of that year and had orders to report in October - not a great way to start off a marriage; dragging a girl who was born and raised in Montana off to some obscure island out in the middle of the sea! But, orders being what they are I wasn't left with much choice.

With not a little skepticism, I was packed up, kissed g'bye, and shuttled off to the airport. Whereupon the journey began. Little did I know that I'd be experiencing something that has lasted me, so far, a lifetime. So rewarding was that two and one-half years, 1972-1975, I would later request orders to go back. And go back we did! During my second tour on island, 1986-1990, I fell forever and irrevocably in love with the Ryukyu Kingdom.

This website is in its 4th or 5th iteration. It began as a single one-page feature back in 1996; a part of my "Homepage" that contained a bunch of stuff about myself. Back in the mid-1990s it was commonplace for people to have a Homepage - their own little place on the Web. As time passed the fascination with, and the use of, the Internet became more sophisticated and the early fledgling

........ homepages began to fall away and more focused content became the norm.

I like to think of my website as somewhere in between - clearly focused on Okinawa but still maintaining a homey atmosphere. I write all of my own code for these pages so you won't find a bunch of glitz and fancy doo-dads. That is primarily because I have yet to learn how to code for all that glitz and those fancy doo-dads! But I think you'll find it a fun, interesting and educational place to hang out and snoop around. I certainly hope that you'll do just that. Look around and, by all means, if you think there is something missing - something you had hoped to find but didn't - drop me a line or two and let me know your suggestion.

I take full responsibility for any inaccuracies that might be discovered in my pages. If you do indeed find a clearly factual error, please, bring it to my attention! I can be reached at Mick at

I am married with 5 children. Two birth sons both of whom were born on Okinawa at the old Camp Kuwae army hospital. That was a few weeks ago - 1973 and 1975. We have adopted daughters - one from Kolkata (Calcutta), India; one from Cebu, in The Philippines; and our youngest from Great Falls, Montana. I retired from the Air Force in 1990 then went into civilian practice in Chouteau County, Fort Benton, Montana. In 1993 I moved back to Great Falls, went in on the ground floor of a newly built clinic and on weekends "moon-lighted" at the Air Force base here in town. Before the end of 1993 I was once again smitten by the 'bug' and went full time in the Family Practice clinic at the base. I retired from that in December of 2008 and did private practice again in Great Falls until I decided to finally retire altogether in December 2010.

So, that's enough about me. This website is for you! Go out there and have some fun!

You can read a lot more about some of my experiences on Okinawa [HERE]

After having been away from Okinawa since 1990 Debb and I went back in 2013 for a few days.

I had such a good time that I went back again early in 2014 for a few weeks in 2014, 2015, 2017, and 2019 too!

"Living in Okinawa City: A Guide Book"
A guide for Foreigners living in Okinawa City
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