Agari nu Utaki
Katsurenhama, on Hamahiga Island

April 12, 2023

Throughout the banyan forest, birds chirped and history revealed itself.
A once pristine tiny forest of gajumaru with a few utaki sprinkled around the grounds is now a collection of trees that are propped up by poles and slings.

Beautiful as the place may be, I'd recommend visiting the sacred site but only if you're going to be out on Hamahiga Island anyway. I'd have a hard time
convincing you that this place alone is worth the trip from the Katsuren Peninsula, across the Kaichu Doro and the Hamahiga Bridge.
That said, the drive alone - if you've never been out this way - would be a very rewarding outing!

Legend holds that Taira and his men, having been defeated in battle, hid out in a shrine within this grove of banyan trees.
There's GOT to be an interesting story behind that but I haven't yet succeeded in learning about it.

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