March 2017 Okinawa Diary

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Tuesday, February 28th
  • Seattle-to-Taipei-to-Naha - Don't believe that old saw, "Getting there is half the fun". It's not.
  • Feet on Okinawa soil again! Then head north before nightfall.
  • Okuma - Settling down, settling in, taking a breath and deciding what to do next!

    Wednesday, March 1st
  • Churaumi Aquarium
  • Yaezen

    Thursday, March 2nd
  • Hedo Misaki
  • Waya Soba Shop
  • Yuiyui Kunigami gift shop
  • Gesashi Village
  • Gesashi Bay Mangrove Forest scenes

    Friday, March 3rd
  • Early morning drive to Nakijin Village and the surprise we found along Rte 505
  • Nakijin-jo - the old Nakijin Castle Park
  • Lunch at the Cafe Farmhouse off Rte 505 in Nakijin
  • Okinawa Fruits Land
  • Ufuya - 100 Year-old House

    Saturday, March 4th
  • Drive to Uruma on Route 329 and tour of the Airbnb house in Konbu
  • On to Koza for an afternoon of fun and exploration
  • Buying a Sanshin! Thanks, DyLon, for the assist.
  • American Village and the Ferris Wheel!
  • Kyoto Ramen Kairikiya for a bite before heading home.

    Sunday, March 5th - Happy Birthday, Zac!
  • DyLon's Reminiscings
  • Lunch at Coco Ichibanya near Kadena Rotary
  • Back to our Old House in Aza-Oki
  • Zanpa Misaki
  • Ryukyu Mura (Ryukyu Village)

    Monday, March 6th
  • T'Uber or not t'Uber - Day in Koza - Lunch at Mirano's - then back to explore Konbu
  • Tsakatsa-san's "M3" Bar and Cafe

    Tuesday, March 7th
  • Kickin' 'round Kadena AB before heading out.
  • Heading out to Kokusai & Heiwa Dori in Naha
  • To Kin Town for Taco Rice - and a stop at Iha along the way
  • Kin Konnan-do Buddhist temple and the cave Kin Shonyudo
  • Relaxing at the M3 bar again - our 2nd visit

    Wednesday, March 8th
  • Killin' time at Torii Station main gate, waiting for Michael B Martin
  • Lunch at the Yomitan-son Soba House with Michael and Dylon
  • Murasaki Mura
  • DyLon's Last Supper at Okinawa City A&W

  • Thursday, March 9th
  • DyLon departed Okinawa - to Taipei then on to Washington State and home
  • Come back from time to time to see what's new.
    I'll be adding until I've got it complete through March 28th. Don't miss it!

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