On this date Rob Oechsle took me around a dozen or more places in the south of Okinawa.
These are some images of most of those places.

Scroll down for:

  • 1. Hamagawa Utaki
  • 2. Amagoi mui (Rainmaker Mtn)
  • 3. Hyakuna Beach
  • 4. Kakinohana Hija
  • 5. Oshirogusuku joseki
  • 6. Indy Jones Trail highlights
  • 7. Hanandaa Natural Bridge in Guchichan, Minatogawa Fissure, and Gushikami Drive-in

    A little about the next one - Kakinohana Hija

    Kakinohana gusuku is an Okinawan fortress in the town of Tamagusuku, in southern Okinawa.
    The castle is famous for its spring, Kakinohana-hija, which is essentially the terminus of an
    underground river, or system of springs, that runs from Hedo-no-misaki, the northernmost point
    on the island, through Shuri, and then down to Kakinohana, where, heedless of rain or drought,
    water gushes forth from the bottom of the cliffs below the castle.

    The fortress is small, with just two enclosures. The stone walls, believed to have been built by the
    second son of Minton anji (the Lord of Minton) are made of piled up uncut stone, though watchtower
    foundations in cut, stacked stone also remain on the northern and southern ends of the site. The site
    is today shielded from the sun by dense tree cover, but it is unclear whether this was the case when
    the fortress was actively in use.

    As at most gusuku, the site contains a shrine, in this case to the god Afuihanateru-tsukasa-no-oibe,
    and a tomb for the anji, or lords, of the castle. Also as is the case for many gusuku sites, excavations
    have unearthed a variety of objects, mainly ceramics, including Okinawan ceramics, Sueki wares,
    and Chinese pottery as well

    In the next video you'll see the images I recorded from the old natural limestone bridge.
    This photo, from the Earl Rankin Bull collection, 1916, depicts the bridge 103 years before I got there!

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