Ernest Gordon "Blackie" Bradford
Iconic Okinawa photographer
Published: Feb 8, 2020 Edited: Mar 20, 2021

"Blackie" accompanied by Pastor Kamiyama (left)
It doesn't take long for someone who is interested in the "good ol' days" (after the war) of Okinawa to get wind of Blackie the Photographer who lived and thrived on Okinawa during the 1950s and 60s. It wouldn't take much longer for someone to totally fall in love with Blackie's work.

Ernest Gordon "Blackie" Bradford is an iconic photographer who has delighted the world with his post-World War Two photo essays of life on Okinawa.

Blackie has published numerous books and articles that showcase images of the routine day-to-day on the tiny island. His love and respect for the native people are obvious in every image that he ever produced. As amazing guy!

I've admired this artist for at least two decades and see no end in sight with regards to my search for all I can learn about the man.

Y'know... I could try to create an extensive tribute feature here on my website but why would I do that when a friend, Donn Cuson, has already done an amazing job at Check it out!

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